My first basic post


Welcome to A Meal in Mind, a blog about my developing, preparing and sharing gluten-free, dairy-free and delicious recipes with my son and his young family. You can find out more about me elsewhere in the blog. However, this very early post serves to introduce Boone the cat. He and I look forward to sharing recipes and tips with you – maybe even cat food!

Boone the kitty lying on the laptop

2 thoughts on “My first basic post”

  • Very pleased to meet you Beth and Boone. I love your blog, and your pinterest inspires me. I am happy you have crossed my path. I look forward to trying out some of your recipes. The spicy ethnic foods have captured my attention. I LOVE curry. and GF too! Yes Please!

    • Hello, Karen, I was also interested in your story that you shared in the blog group. It’s a great challenge to eat differently, no matter how that is. I’m glad you have found some of my recipes interesting, and look forward to hearing how they turn out for you!

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