About Me

Hi, I’m Beth Allingham and I love everything about food: choosing it, designing recipes, cooking and eating it. My blog, A Meal In Mind, is for anyone seeking delicious gluten-free recipes. Whether you are looking for a gluten-free version of an old favorite recipe or just a tasty meal, you’ll find it here.beth allingham in kitchen with tools

I started this blog because I know how overwhelming it can be to switch from eating gluten-rich foods to gluten-free, especially if you need to eliminate dairy too!

Before starting my blog, I cooked for my family (my two sons are now in their 30’s) and taught high school science for 22 years. Food and nutrition were themes that ran through both of those occupations. For my family, I wanted to make nourishing meals within our budget. For my students, I wanted to teach what I learned about what “healthy food” means. These days, I apply what I learned to the gluten-free meals I make for my daughter-in-law, my son, and my grandson.

So, now, I have a meal in mind …

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More Goals of A Meal In Mind

I have three requirements for meals besides deliciousness:

  • Portable (to my son’s house)
  • Sharable (same reason)
  • Organic, gluten- and dairy-free. We prefer local, seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible. Buying from farmer’s markets and making meals from scratch is a form of food activism, I’ve come to believe.

Whenever possible, recipes will be linked to one another and to information about ingredients. There is a page with suggestions for elimination diets. Another with a simple framework for thinking about carbohydrates, the Carbohydrate Continuum. Look forward to a post describing three ways to start with a chicken and make parts of at least three meals.

What I can tell you is: If I can go gluten-free, anyone can. Rather than dwell on my love for bread, I’ve challenged myself to develop a repertoire of recipes that are so good, you won’t think there is anything missing – because there isn’t!

Halau Ka Ua Tuahine group wearing green and pink dressesPlus, from time to time there will be recipes that I gathered during 30 years living in Honolulu (and dancing hula for 20 of those). This is my hula group (and me in the back center) after a hula competition that I participated in on Maui in 2015. I credit my diet with my being able to dance into my 60’s!

Whether you are cooking for yourself or family or sharing like me, I hope that you will find something you love here.

My Cooking story and Background with Food

I cooked for others for years. I cooked for my own two sons, as I said, but others too. Usually, there was an ailment involved: allergies; anorexia; ulcerative colitis; fibromyalgia; hypoglycemia (mine). With each new culinary focus, my natural scientific curiosity took me into more research.

In my teaching during that time, it seemed that everything I read had to do with food! I wanted to know: how organically grown food was different from conventional? what’s the big deal about grass-fed? if omega-3 fatty acids are so important, how do we get more of them? what foods cause inflammation and why? You won’t see me use the term “healthy” – there are too many interpretations of the word – but I have made decisions about what I eat and what’s in my recipes.

My Culinary Companion Boone on the laptop

This is Boone, who keeps me company and makes sure I don’t leave anything delicate on the floor. Will I ever make his food? Stay tuned. Boone thinks that when I am not sitting AT the computer, he should be sitting ON it.